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China helps Malaysia out of deep water

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is hopeful livelihoods and business in Malaysia’s flood-damaged areas will be restored in less than two years .

“It won’t take as long as two years…. And for those who own land, we can start building permanent homes for them immediately,” he told reporters after receiving initial disaster relief supplies from China at Wisma Perwira today.

“I would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to the Chinese government and its president Xi Jin Ping, for their considerate and kind gesture in providing us with assistance. 

“The contribution is a clear manifestation of the warm ties that we have fostered,” Najib said

China, topping the list of overseas donors, is sending some US$10 million in relief aid such as makeshift tents, water pumps and purifiers as well as power generators. 

Chinese ambassador to Malaysia Dr.Huang Hui Kang said the Chinese people sympathise with those affected by the flood. 

“We are families, we are brothers, we help each other. We cannot just leave Malaysians to deal with this alone,” he said.

The tents come in 12 and 36 sq metres. They can easily accommodate one small family, providing them with temporary shelter while waiting for their permanent homes to be built. 

But first the tents need to be fitted with proper lighting and flooring. These will be utilised by those who lost their houses, including those in Manek Urai, PLKN camps and Wataniah camps in Kelantan.

China will also provide pre-fabricated homes to hundreds of flood victims, the supplies for which will be delivered on multiple flights to Kuala Lumpur’s city airport at Subang.

The US has offered medical support while Singapore has also sent water purification tanks to ensure clean water supplies in the badly-hit state of Kelantan.

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