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Debunk the Junk

Gallivanting around the world in search of the latest global remedies, alternative health expert Dr. Bryce Wylde stopped by the Steven and Chris Show to share the facts about Malaysian red palm oil. “Natural medicine is still very buyer beware,” Wylde cautioned. “My goal is to debunk the junk.”

To accomplish his due diligence about Malaysian palm oil, Wylde visited Sabah, Malaysia’s Northern Province. There, he trekked through the rainforest. As he soaked in the humid tropics he experienced wildlife, flora and fauna flourishing in an balanced setting.

He also toured plantations and mills and discovered how palm oil is produced according to eco-friendly practices.

Wylde is a strong proponent of red palm oil’s health benefits. “Within the palm fruit you’ll have a nugget, the kernel, and that’s what they use in North America a lot for these puffy snacks,” he said, referring to palm kernel oil. “The outside, the mesocarp, is a brilliantly red-orange color and within it, it contains lots of beta carotene carotenoids, and a little-known form of vitamin E called tocotrienols.”

Wylde explained that tocotrienols have had a great impact on the scientific community. Dr. Chandan Sen, a well-known researcher, has been funded by the National Institutes of Health to study their effects on stroke and stroke recovery, cardiovascular disease, radiation exposure and cancer.

“There are just unbelievable effects of these tocotrienols that come from red fruit palm oil,” Wylde told Steven and Chris Show.

Below is another video of Wylde on Canada’s Breakfast Television. There’s even a few seconds of footage of him doing a yoga handstand while holding to the sides of the boat. Ha ha ha … he was imitating a cluster of cheeky proboscis monkey and orangutan hanging from the trees at the side of the river.

He tells Breakfast Television how he decided to conduct his own due diligence and see if there was really any wanton deforestation and alarming wildlife endangerment in Malaysia after he had been alerted by Greenpeace and Jane Goodall Institute.

He flies back to Canada and shares his discovery with concerned folks the best practices that is being carried out by oil palm farmers.

Malaysia’s palm oil industry adhered to more than 15 laws and regulations including the Land Acquisition Act 1960, Environmental Quality Act 1974, Environmental Quality (Clean Air Regulations) 1978, Pesticides Act 1974 (Pesticides Registration Rules), Occupational Safety and Health Act (1977), and Protection of Wildlife Act 1972. 

The industry is also complying with Hazard & Critical Control Points (HACCP) and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) requirements. Being sensitive and proactive on current environmental concerns, the industry is actively pursuing ISO 14000 standard series discussions and formulations notably on climate change, life cycle analysis (LCA), eco-labeling & Design for the Environment (DfE), environmental communications, and environmental management system.

Wylde then went on to list down the health goodness of the little-known variant of vitamin E called tocotrienols, found abundantly in red palm oil. He finds that this high antioxidant content in palm oil suggests that this cooking oil could be a potent “anti-cancer food”. There are also more recent medical studies suggesting that tocotrienols may help fight skin, stomach, pancreas, liver, lung, colon, prostate, breast, and other cancers.

Wylde concludes the breakfast chat with a nutrition tip to Canadian viewers that one can take palm oil vitamin E supplements to neutralise oxidative stress after rigorous exercise.

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