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Heroes of the Palm Oil Milling Industry

I couldn’t agree more with Jonathan Fun. Here is his tribute to the men and women working in palm oil mills. They are heroes in their own right – living in remote areas, toiling in harsh conditions – the work they do, helps feed the world.

Working in a palm oil mill is not easy.

To start with, a palm oil mill is usually located in remote areas – far from urban towns, family and friends, and often located within the plantations itself where amenities like shopping malls are scarce.

Secondly, due to the nature of the job, workers at the mill are regularly exposed to heat, dirt and fibre. Although palm oil milling is a blue collar job, these people are earning an honest living.

Thirdly, since steam is widely used all around the mill to heat up the palm fruits, the entire process is really hot and sweaty.

This tribute is dedicated to all the unsung heroes in the palm oil industry. The people who dedicate their lives, blood and sweat not only to their Company but also in fulfilling the most basic and honourable task of Feeding the World.

The next time you eat biscuits, a piece of chocolate, or when you spread margarine onto your bread, think about the sacrifices of these great men and women who are working so hard to keep our stomachs full.

While oil palm planting provide jobs and brings prosperity to the people, the industry is mindful that food production is being carried out on borrowed land… land that belongs to our grandchildren.

Hence, the cultivation of oil palms on a balanced approach of People, Planet and Profits has evolved to be a common practice among big and small planters in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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