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Govt to increase foreign worker levy by RM50 from Sep 2011

PUTRAJAYA: The government will increase the levy for foreign workers by RM50 effective September 1, Home Ministry Secretary-General Tan Sri Mahmood Adam announced today.

Mahmood said the increase was among initiatives proposed by the foreign workers laboratory in managing foreign workers, and that the decision was made after a careful evaluation, including taking into account the last increase in 2005.

However, new foreign worker applications received by the Home Ministry before September 1, would be charged the old levy, along with those who extended their temporary work visit pass. “The new rate is valid for temporary work visit pass applications that expires on or after September 1. New applications and extension of old temporary work pass included,” said Mahmood in a statement yesterday.

He said from September 1, the levy for agricultural sector and maids would be RM410, plantation (RM590), factories and construction workers (RM1,250) and service sector (RM1,850).

Mahmood said the new levy for Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan would be comparatively cheaper since the levy charged for construction and factory workers is (RM1,010) and RM1,490 for the service sector.

Meanwhile, Mahmood said that as of yesterday, 2,248,940 legal and illegal foreign workers had registered themselves through Immigration offices and managing companies set up nationwide. From the total, 1,242,813 were made up of illegal workers who were registered through the 6P amnesty programme. — Bernama

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