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Palm oil in prayers

Wesak Day is a time of charity for Buddhist devotees regardless of the amount of their take-home pay.

In Malaysia, Wesak is an annual national holiday since 1962.

Yesterday, at Chetawan Temple in Petaling Jaya, throngs of devotees came in through the high gates to donate money and seek enlightenment from Buddha’s teachings.

Some drove up in big and expensive cars while others came in motorcycles. Mostly, just walked in.

In the midst of pre-recorded sanskrit chantings (suttas) of ‘the middle path’ blaring out of loudspeakers, devotees silently gave thanks and prayed for peace in the presence of orange-robed monks. Some lit up oil lamps (fuelled by palm cooking oil) as a symbolic gesture of overcoming the darkness of ignorance.

  1. May 14, 2009 at 7:17 am

    Happy Wesak Day!

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